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Reybee President, Rey Roldan.







NAME: Rey Roldan
TITLE: President
COMPANY: Reybee Inc.

Rey Roldan is a 20-year veteran of the music business and has worked with some of the biggest names and nearly every genre. 
Current and past projects include:  Dashboard Confessional, Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, English Beat, Gang of Four, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Brooks & Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Robert Earl Keen, Less Than Jake, IAMX, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, Yo Yo Ma, Charlotte Church, plus authors and directors including Brett Callwood and Baz Luhrman. He spent several years at numerous record labels: I.R.S. Records, Mammoth, Jive/Silvertone/Zomba, Island Def Jam, and at the indie PR firm KSA Publicity. He launched his own indie firm, Reybee Inc. in 2004. Though he’s worked with A-list talent, he prefers to think that his claim to fame is his blog MyPhoneCallsSuck and his #lazycorgi

Roldan and his staff at Reybee, Inc., are celebrating the recent relaunch of alt rockers Good Charlotte, after a five-year hiatus and the band’s sold-out show at LA’s famed Troubadour, and are looking ahead to a great 2016!

Fletcher, the Lazy Corgi

Fletcher, the Lazy Corgi



TWITTER: @reybee

FACEBOOK: ReybeePR on Facebook

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INSTAGRAM: Reybee on Instagram

Q: We have access to so much news on a daily basis. What kinds of information do you consume at the start of your day?
A: I’m a glutton for political punishment, so one of the first sites I open is Talking Points Memo. My reasons for this are twofold. One – it interests me personally. Two – knowing what’s going on politically helps in opening dialog with certain journalists. One of the most successful strategies for being an effective publicist is being able to engage journalists and media folks in normal conversation, not just pitching. And one of the best methods of doing that is to know what’s going on in the world. So I arm myself with political news with Talking Points Memo. Once I get my fill of that kind of hard news, I head into the music realm and see what’s going on at Noisey, Idolator, Diffuser, etc. I use my RSS feed reader to show me capsule stories of anything else going on (I have my reader pulling content from over 600 sites). Even though I grew up in the print/broadcast world, I’ve gotten pretty addicted to the internet for my news.

Q: How do you use social media?
A: For my own personal Facebook page, I enjoy engaging people, friends and connections with thought-provoking topics. Since I’m friends with a lot of business connections and media people, I like engaging people in conversations and debates on Facebook and Twitter and I have noticed that my posts often strike a chord with many media folks, which often strengthens my relationships with them. I also pay attention to what media folks are posting on their own Facebook pages to get ideas on what they’re interested in and how I can use that information to pitch my artists. I also pay attention to what bands they “LIKE” so I know what music to pitch them.

Q: How has social media changed your life?
A: When I first started doing publicity back in the mid ’90s, we didn’t even have universal email. Phone calls, faxes and snail mail were the most dominant forms of communication and email was still in its infancy. Leaving messages on answering machines were the main method of pitching if the writer didn’t pick up. These days, however, social media has become a viable avenue for pitching and communication. So when emails and phone calls aren’t being answered, social media communication has become another option. A good method to brush up on the people you’re pitching is to take a quick look at their Facebook page or Twitter feed. It helps you understand what they like, what they’re covering and how best to approach them. It’s pretty invaluable.

Q: Do you think social media has enhanced or diminished our personal relationships?
A: It’s debatable. I know a guy who is the most socially awkward and introverted person who doesn’t just blend into the background at social gatherings… he disappears. But on Facebook, he’s the most garrulous, outspoken and social person. You’d never know it. And he lives his life almost entirely in that world. To him, it’s his personal connection to the world.

For me, it augments it. I’m already a rather social character, so I’m always out, hanging with clients, friends, and meeting new people. So it adds a new layer. In terms of business, it’s been nothing but amazing. The great thing about Facebook and being friends with journalists is that you can learn a lot about them and find things in common, and that can begin a friendship that crosses in and out of business. I’m also friends with artist managers and label people who see my posts about my clients which can help them consider me when they’re looking for and indie publicist.

Q: What organizations, brands or personalities do you follow? What makes them worth following?
A: There are quite a few who I follow but among the ones who stick out are journalist Maura Johnston (@maura) because she’s one of the most insightful writers out there, All Songs Considered (@allsongs) because I love the careful thought and evaluation that NPR delivers, and Florida Man (@_FloridaMan) because there’s no shortage of bizarre news coming out of Florida.

Q: What kinds of posts spark your interest?
A: Mostly posts imbued with clever wit. Too many people attempt humor and fail miserably, but the people who can elicit a chuckle or a guffaw will always trump an unfunny picture of food.

Q: What is/are your favorite social media platform/s and why?
A: I know Facebook has been on the outs for years but I’m still tied to it because there’s no limit to character count like Twitter not is it too image based like Instagram. Also since it’s more user friendly, it allows for better interaction.

Q: Favorite hashtag or one you’d like to see?
A: My favorite hashtags are definitely #lazycorgi (which I originated years ago for my corgi Fletcher who can’t seem to walk) and #getoffmylawn.

Q: If you could follow any historical figure on social media, who would it be?
A: I’d want to follow M.C. Escher. His mind was mathematical and precise, yet surreal and hallucinatory. I’ve read passages of his which were well constructed and professionally written that I’d be intrigued by his casual every day thoughts. I think his ruminations on anything would be profoundly mind-blowing.

Q: Cone, cup, or straight from the container?
A: I’m definitely a bowl guy. Scoops and scoops piled high in a bowl.

Q: Favorite flavor?
A: Coffee… Definitely coffee ice cream. There could be 300 flavors available, but if coffee is one of the choices, I’d pick it every time.

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